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Limos Lansing Pricing

Limos Lansing has the best prices for limousine and limousine bus rentals. The reason for this is that we price our vehicles to provide the maximum quality for what you are paying. We also operate on what is called a value pricing model. This means if your costs go down for any reason, your costs will go down as well because we want to pass on our savings to you. This makes sense to us in terms of a business model instead of trying to grab all we can whenever we can. We believe in operating with a basis of Our prices are all-inclusive, so you will never have any hidden fees or surprise charges as you would have with some other companies. We don't believe in this practice; we feel it is disrespectful to our customers or potential customers. We want to be upfront with you from the start. When you call us for your quote, our agents will ask you a few basic questions and give you an exact quote.

Our reputation as an affordable source of transportation is quite important to us, but even that would mean nothing if our affordability weren't a great value, but it is. We're able to pass down our savings to you each and every time, and that is what sets us apart! Here at Limos Lansing, we do more than work to bring you the lowest prices - we work to bring you the best products for your money because we know how hard you work for them day in and day out. You are getting every dollar's worth with Limos Lansing - each and every one of our vehicles is in top condition with the best features for your convenience and overall satisfaction. When you are ready to book your reservation or get your quote, just give us a call if you need some further information. For the most accurate quotes, you will want to contact one of our customer service agents when you're ready. They know how to get all of the pertinent information from you so that you can count on a fully customized celebration from start to finish.

For Accurate Quotes:


Pick-up time

We will need to know the date of your event. Please also have handy the city, and preferably the exact address, or pick up handy at the time you call for your quote.


Rental duration

Please let us know the exact time you need to be picked up. We pride ourselves on promptness! Please let us know how long you're rental will last!



We need to know this so we can set you up with an appropriately sized limo and let you know what we have available!

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