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Luxurious Limousines for Engagement Parties

You just popped the question, and the answer was yes. What a perfect reason to throw a party. It will serve as a celebration on the one hand and give people a chance to get to know their significant other. Inviting family and friends is a perfect thought. After all, this is a time when anyone who has mattered in your life can be a part of this great event that is about to take place in a few months. Your perfect time to throw your engagement party is just before you get into all of the detailed wedding planning. You want this to be a carefree event. There are many options in the Lansing area where you could hold the party. But we suggest maybe choosing a number of venues to give everyone a different flavor at each destination. For instance, consider going to an upscale bar, a fancy restaurant, and a back lounge. Your guests will love the variety, and so will you.

One unique option you will want to consider for your essential guests is one of our exclusive vehicles, and you will only be found here with our company. Our amazing vehicles will have everyone enjoying themselves and completely without worries. And this is exactly the atmosphere where you want everyone to be for your special announcement. It's a beautiful thing having everyone together for the entire evening. Since there will be a celebration ongoing, and that means a few libations, more than likely, you won't have to worry about anyone in your group getting a DUI or, worse, getting into an accident and maybe getting hurt or hurting someone else. Even beyond that, you don't want to ask all of your guests to fight through Lansing traffic and possibly look around forever for a decent parking spot. That is no fun for anyone. Why not be picked up by a professional transportation company and spend the entire evening together? At the end of the night, everyone will be delivered safely back to the confines of their homes, and you will have an evening of great memories to talk about.

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Birthday Party

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As you can see in the images you can gather all of your close and special family and friends for this occasion. Everyone will be on one of our limo buses as you prepare yourself to make an announcement and talk a bit about how you and your fiance came to this place. The limo bus has specific areas, like bars with built-in coolers that can be stocked with everyone's favorites. And, of course, there will be champagne on hand for some toasting after your speech. What more could you ask for? Well, on most vehicles, probably not much, but on our limo buses, this is just the beginning because the number of features we have installed for your enjoyment is truly astounding. Have you ever considered dancing in a rolling vehicle? Well, your group will have the chance on our customized hardwood floor, complete with a dancing pole. Think about how cool that will be for your group. And, of course, dancing calls for music, which can be played on our premium concert sound system with sub-woofers. We even give you the option to bring your own music as we have CD/iPod/MP3 inputs just waiting for you. Let's talk about multimedia options. You will find entertainment features. For relaxation time, try out luxurious leather wraparound seating. Your engagement announcement deserves some special pizzazz, and we provide that via some LED color-changing mood lighting on the walls, ceiling, steps, and cooler. We even have some of the little details taken care of with amenities like built-in cup holders and cup dispensers. And if you are worried about privacy, there is no need because our bus windows have a very dark tint installed.

We realize that when you first started to think about your engagement party, you probably didn't think about a limo bus. But now that you have been exposed to what we have to offer, we hope you feel that this is the best option for your event. It will be a wild success if you rent one of our vehicles. So, you may be wondering what the next step is. We suggest that you check out our website and learn more about our business. We even have a most oft-asked questions section that might help you. Then when you are ready, give our office a call. Our agents are available all day and all night, 365 days a year. We look forward to serving you on your special day.